Dear David DeHart and the DeHart Construction crew, Our family is so grateful for the comfort and ease that you and your company gave us during our uncertain time of need after a tornado hit our home on June 5th, 2010. After several visits from contractors and then receiving only a few estimates, you (David) came to our rescue. Not only were you thorough but your crew was unbelievable! You and your crew have excellent craftsmanship and were so easy to work with. We have recommended you and your crew to several of our friends.
Greg and Holly Davis
We chose DeHart’s because we were looking for a construction company that offered quality craftsmanship, trustworthiness and dependability. Any type of construction project can be very stressful but we were able to be involved in the entire project and Dave and his team listened to what we wanted and delivered in every aspect. My wife and I were truly impressed with the dedication of the DeHart team and would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of doing a construction project. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
James and Shelly Parpart
My wife and I, my daughter and son-in-law, and two other daughters, began our dream vacation home in the fall of 2004. It has turned out to be the best investment any of us ever made. I am not just referring to the value of the home and property, but rather to the strengthened relationships we have developed. We also have found many new friends and providers in the process. David and his crew worked tirelessly to complete our project. David’s son built the most incredible fireplace(s) anyone has ever seen. They are both twosided, facing our kitchen and dining rooms, as well as the living room on the first floor. Our “lodge room” in the basement offers views of the fire from either side. I noticed from the very beginning of our project that David and his crew were masters at their trade, in that I firmly believe our home could withstand a hurricane, it is built so solidly. All the construction in the home is not only sound, but was beautifully appointed. We became close friends with the DeHarts during the construction process, and we still meet with them when we “go to the lake”.
Dan Shinn