Wall Panels are PRE-ENGINEERED

Our panelized building systems retain the best aspects of stick frame construction but far exceed quality standards due to precision construction inside the plant, out of inclement weather. Panels are constructed on wall jigs, allowing for square and evenly spaced studs. They are inspected and numbered to correspond to a detailed set of plans. Then, trained operators run a stapling bridge that attaches sheathing to the wall panels six inches on center. Each staple is center-fired on the studs with a precision and power that could never be achieved in the field, enhancing the strength and durability of the finished panels. We deliver a well-designed, energy efficient and beautiful new home or Church structure.


The Wood Truss Council of America found that construction of a
2600SF structure with trusses and panels generated
76% less waste, and
37% fewer man hours
than a similar stick-built structure.

Our Energy Star compliancy results in a 30% less energy use.

Our building process takes days and weeks rather than weeks and months. What this means to you is:

  • Your structure is framed quicker, with roofing, siding, doors and windows, keeping your home secure and out of the rain, snow and wind.
  • You save on your construction loan by finishing sooner. (based on trades and finish work being on time)